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Record ID: APTM/1969/0036
Document Type: Report
Title: Administration Report
Researcher: R Pratap
Editor/Author: TCR&TI Andhra Pradesh
Keywords: Appraisal Letters
Developmental Programmes
Sector: Monitoring & Evaluation
University: Department of Tribal Welfare Government of Andhra Pradesh
Completed Date: Jul-1969
Abstract: Tribal Cultural Research and Training Institute established to appraise problems, needs and the developmental programmes of the tribes living in Andhra Pradesh. This fourth administration report presents the achievements made in the field of Research, Training and Repositories during 1968-69, it also proposed future programmes and projects for the progress of the tribal welfare in research and training departments. Research studies were well formulated in the form of a hypothesis and confirmed with pragmatic data collected in the area concerned by the Institute. Research project constitutes designing of questionnaire, fieldwork, statistical analysis, project final reports, opinion polls, detecting problems and finally appraisal letter. The most important feature of the 1968-69 administration is the introduction of "Appraisal letters" that are sent to Director, Tribal welfare highlighting the problems confronting by the department. The letters are issued for every quarter year or when immediate consideration is required. In the year IVth year plan, four appraisal letters are sent to the Tribal welfare department. They include fund release to the T.D block and continuous monitoring the system, suggestion to rationalize the procedure of allocation of funds on per capita basis to ensure shares for ST and also rationalizing the pricing policy of co-operative tribes and the fourth letter include the performance of protective legislation and the need for effective implementation. During the period, 6 research projects were published, the same is briefed in the report. The main objective of training institutions is to train officers of various cadres to acquire knowledge of various tribal cultures to involve actively in the implementation of developmental programmes. Training is conducted to three categories such as Category I: District officers of Agriculture, Animal husbandry, Cooperation, Fisheries, Industrial, social welfare, etc., Category-II: Village level workers, Women welfare organizers, Gram Sevikas, etc., Category-III: Short term course for junior I.A.S officers and probationary deputy collectors. At the end of the 1967-68, a total of 352 were trained for various training programmes. During 1968-69, 7 junior IAS officers were trained for 2 days regarding T.D programmes and operation of protective legislation in Tribal areas. Peripatetic training course initiated in 1967-68 has been continued in the successive year also that enlightens tribal leaders as regards as constitutional safeguards, protective legislative, concessions and privileges extended both by state and central government, 60 were trained under this programme. Under 4 review meetings dividing into 4 batches 21 Sarpanches, 15 Upasarpanchas and 23 members were trained for the development of educational tours. Opinions and suggestions were called out by the natives regarding the programmes and the department received a good response for peripatetic training courses. The main repositories of the institute are library, museum, data bank and photography section. They are useful in recording day by day activities of tribal development programmes. Over the past year, there are 29 Journal and 9 Newspapers in the library wherein the year 1968-69, 4 journals, 229 books and 189 gifted books have been added. In the museum around 117 different paintings, 10 dioramas and 25 foreign visitors have been added to 1968-69. Data banks include 32 departments. 15 folk songs and 24 photographs have been added to the library. Around 13 research scholars were guided in the year. An amount of Rs.1,90,200/- was allotted for normal duties and expenditure was 1,89,851.03/-, for plans an amount of 1,50, 000/- was allotted and expenditure was 1,26,372.96/. 26 publications were added to the research and administration department in the year 1968-69.
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Tribal Research Institutes: Tribal Research Institute, Andhra Pradesh
Record ID: APTM/1969/0036
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