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Record ID: AIRT/1988/0001
Document Type: Hand Book
Title: Tribes of Assam Part II
Researcher: B N Bordoloi
G C Sharma Thakur
Keywords: Barmans of Cachar
Rengma Nagas
Zeme Nagas of N C Hills
Sector: Ethnographic studies
University: Tribal Research Institute Assam
Completed Date: Jan-1988
Abstract: This book is one of the first comprehensive write ups on Scheduled tribes of Assam. It covers six Scheduled Tribes, four from the hills districts of Assam and two from the plains districts of Assam namely Barmans of Cachar, Hmars, Kukis, Rengma Nagas, Sonowals and Zeme Nagas of N. C. Hills which can be read and understood by common people without having any intimate knowledge about the tribes of Assam. The study in short tried to cover the socio cultural and economic aspects of the tribe of Assam. Here the origin and historical aspects are narrated with the help of the empirical findings and secondary sources. It would enable us to know about the basic characteristics of the tribes, their pace of development and their role as an integral part of the greater Indian society and helpful for the administrator, planners, development agencies, scholars and other in many ways. This would ultimately pave the way for national integration through understanding the tribes of Assam.
Pagination: 111
Tribal Research Institutes: Assam Institute of Research for Tribals and Scheduled Castes
Record ID: AIRT/1988/0001
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