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Document Type: Research
Title: THE SIDIS OF GUJARAT (A Socio-Economic Study and a Development Plan)
Researcher: T B Naik
G P Pandya
Keywords: A Socio-Economic Study and Development Plan
Sector: Tribal Life
Completed Date: Mar-1993
Abstract: AREA OF SIDI HABITATION IN GUJARAT : Saurastra where the sidis mainly live in Gujarat is well-known even in the Puranas. It is the home of the ancient temples of Dwarka and Somnath. The penisule of Saurastra is in the west of Gujarat on the Arabian sea coast and lies from 20O - 40O to 23O - 25 northern latitudes, and from 69O - 5 to 72O - 20 eastern longitudes. Here nature is in its abundance, and this is the reason why it is called Saurastra, the good and fertile country. should be developed and only then what should be done for their development can be grasped.eason why they live in a scattered manner in the urban 72 areas. The condition of these houses is extremely bad providing no facilities of any kind And extremely if it happened to be a Kachcha house, portion of the wall fall down during the rainy season. Eventhough these houses are not repaired by the owneres of the houses. The Sidis are helpless to live in such dilapidated houess. In the urban areas the houses are so small that they have to live with a number of relative in a congested room. In certain houses there are 10-17 members staying together. One can easily imagine how crowded existence they have in such a small accommodation. During night many family members have to sleep outside or take shelter in houses of other families. There remains a lot of filth both inside and outside the house which consequently brings harm to their health. They do not even posses land to construct house or a hut. In come area, landhas been alloted to them but there is a continuous flow of water through the land or it is filled with stagnant water. Moreover, due to there being dung-heaps and stagnant pool of water it affects their health adversly. In villages where the Sidi population is found, even the wells are in a deplorable condition. Particularly, the well in village Jhirvan, is in worst condition. The major portion of it had fallen down and found in deplorable condition. While fatching water from it is likely to lead to accident. Proper arangement for good wells for the supply of drinking of Sirvan is in dilapidated condition. It is likely to fall down anytime. Due to this, classess are held in anopen place in the village, not in the school building. There are no such private houses in the village where children can study peacefully. In such villages, it becomes necessary to repair the school buildings. Land :- The poblem of land holders in rural areas is becoming more complicated, and acute. If the example of Jambur village having the Sidi population is any indication it becomes apparent that slowly and gradually they have been loosing their land to others. In Jambur village of Talala Taluka 38 families were engaged in agriculture during 1961, while to-day only 8 families are engaged in agriculture which means that their main problem is land obination. Their land is gradually being transferred to others and consequently they are gradually becoming landless labourers. Even now some families have lost their land. Even though some of them officially do possess land, they hardly own it in real sense. Other farmers till their land. Most of the Sidis have give their land to others to till on tenancy or on partnership ossess enough clothes. Due to this, if they get wet, they have no alternative other then do dry their dress while wearing it on the body it self. On account of several such reasons, they become easy prey to a number of diseases. The institute of Areas Planning in its survey of Talala block, found the following diseases.
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Tribal Research Institutes: Tribal Research & Training Institute, Gujarat
Record ID: 80
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