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Record ID: MP/TRI/629
Document Type: Research
Title: Study of the effect of the Programmes broadcasted through Vanya Community Radio Station, Chicholi, District, Betul(M.P) on the Tribal Community.
Researcher: DR. S.P. BHATT
Editor/Author: MR. P.C. MEENA,IAS
Keywords: Community Radio Stations provide a unique opportunity to reach out to various segments of the society in their own local language and inform them of their entitlements and responsibilities. Tribal Department of M.P. Govt. decided to extend this concept as Community Radio Stations for the Tribal Populated Areas of Madhya Pradesh to preserve and develop the Tribal culture, traditions and dialect. A Study on the effect on the Tribal Community through Programmes Broadcasted by Chicholi Vanya Community Radio Station was Conducted.
Sector: Education
University: Tribal Research Institutes, BHOPAL,MP
Completed Date: Mar-2017
Abstract: Vanya Community Radio centre was established in Chicholi District Betul (MP) on 10th May 2012. There are 48 Villages under the Broadcasting coverage area of Chicholi Radio Station. Chicholi has a majority 62 percent Gond Tribals out of 72 percent total Tribals Population. Their average monthly income is limited to Rs. 1500- only and 83 percent can not read Newspaper, only 30 percent has access to TV. They are cut off from the mainstream and do not get benefit of Govt Schemes, they still believe in Tantrik and magic-therefore Radio Station is the most important medium fulfilling the gaps here. It is noted by visiting the Radio Station that the programmes are being broadcasted for 10 hours daily (in two shifts) since 9th Oct 2018. The Programmes broadcasted during the morning shift (558 to 11.00 Hrs) is repeated in the afternoon (17.00 to 22.00 Hrs). The broadcast range of the centre is about 20 Kms covering the nearby villages. An analytical study was conducted by the Tribal Research and Development Institute of Bhopal to determine the efficacy and usefulness of the programmes broadcasted from Vanya Community Radio Centre at Chicholi. The programs are being broadcasted in the local language covering a wide variety of topics ranging from current events to Government schemes, entertainment to health, livelihood, and education etc. A Survey was conducted in 10 Villages covering about 361 respondents who agreed that they found the programs interesting and useful.
Tribal Research Institutes: Tribal Research & Development Institute, Madhya Pradesh
Record ID: MP/TRI/629
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