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Record ID: MP/TRI/628
Document Type: Research
Title: Analytical Study of Vanya Community Radio Station - Bhabra, District Alirajpur(M.P).
Keywords: Radio, Medium to Communicate, News and other Audio Messages, Vanya Community Radio Station, awareness, entertainment, current events, government schemes, better agriculture technology, health information, science, sports events , local dialect. Private FM Radio stations ,preserve and develop the Tribal culture, traditions and dialect. Bhabra, District Alirajpur(M.P).
Sector: Education
University: Tribal Research Institutes, BHOPAL (MP)
Completed Date: Mar-2017
Abstract: There is significant improvement noted in the social, economic and educational level in the lives of listeners.The Programmes Broadcast started on 23rd July 2011 at Vanya Community Radio station,Bhabra ,District Alirajpur (M.P.). These Programmes not only educate but entertain and knowledge upliftment as well. Programmes like Hunar hai to kadar hai , Hamu Juwania, for youth and amhra lug are liked very much. The programmes are being broadcasted for 12 hours daily (in two shifts), Morning shift (08.00 to 1.00 Hrs) is repeated in the afternoon (16.00 to 21.00 Hrs). The broadcast range is about 15-20 Kms covering the nearby villages. An analytical study conducted by the Tribal Research and Development Institute of Bhopal and concluded the following- -The Bhabra Radio Station is being maintained properly and is following the issued SOPs. The programs are being broadcast in the local language covering a wide variety of topics. A survey was also conducted in about 42 Villages covering about 227 respondents who agreed that they found the programs interesting and useful. Some of the key observations of the study were as below- -Need of minimum two days of agriculture and addition of Hindi songs programmes. -There are examples of livelihood improvement in villagers by knowing the Government schemes and relevant information. -The crime cases have reduced drastically by change in thinking.
Tribal Research Institutes: Tribal Research & Development Institute, Madhya Pradesh
Record ID: MP/TRI/628
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