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Record ID: TR&CI/2010/0001
Document Type: Book
Title: A Land of Rich Ethnic Tapestry Tripura
Researcher: Tribal Research & Cultural Institute, Tripura
Editor/Author: Tribal Research & Cultural Institute, Tripura
Keywords: A Pictorial monograph on ten major Tribes of Tripura
Sector: Monographs
University: Tribal Research & Cultural Institute, Tripura
Completed Date: Aug-2010
Abstract: In Tripura there are 19 tribes and many sub tribes live in harmony on peace. This monograph is a unique chronicle of the life and living of host of ethnic communities inhabiting Tripura. out of 19 tribes, on this book 10 major tribes has been discussed.
Pagination: 99
Tribal Research Institutes: Tribal Research & Cultural Institute, Tripura
Record ID: TR&CI/2010/0001
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