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Record ID: AIRT/2011/0009
Document Type: Book
Title: Boro Mwsanai
Editor/Author: Liladhar Brahma
Keywords: Boro
Musical Instruments
Bihu Songs
Social Customs
Sector: Art & Culture
Completed Date: Feb-2011
Abstract: The book entitled Boro Mwsanai written by Dr. Liladhar Brahma is an attempt to describe the music and traditional dances of the Boro community. Through this book Dr. Brahma has delved deep in to the unveiled field of Bodo music and dance, with the zeal and insight of an insider. At the beginning chapters of the book, the author has stated that Bodo music dates back to pre historic times. Referring to Harsacharit, Kalika Purana and Darranga Rajbamshavali, he endeavors to unveil the ancient roots of Bodo music that expanded to the rest of India. Even Sangit Ratnakara as the author claims, unfolds the unexplored wealth of Bodo music. After thorough discussions on music the author passes on to introduce Bodo music which he classifies into instrumental music, vocal music and dance music. He also classifies Bodo vocal music into three sub-groups Bwirathi or Demglai, Sikhiri methai and Modern. The use of word Sikhiri for folk song is very significant. It has the connotation of a large audience. The chapter on Bodo dance endeavors to define dance from the etymological point of view and the author classifies Bodo dance into five sub categories namely, Kherai, Bagrumba, Baisagu, Habajanai and Raijwjanai. The book also incorporates the life sketches and contributions of prominent exponents or performers of the traditional dance forms of the community.
Pagination: 356
Tribal Research Institutes: Assam Institute of Research for Tribals and Scheduled Castes
Record ID: AIRT/2011/0009
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