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Record ID: APTM/1987/0144/report
Document Type: Report
Researcher: K Mohanrao
Editor/Author: TCR&TI Andhra Pradesh
Guide: TCR&TI Andhra Pradesh
Keywords: Tribal Development
Andhra Pradesh
Socio Cultural Programmes
Sector: Monitoring & Evaluation
University: Department of Tribal Welfare Government of Andhra Pradesh
Completed Date: Dec-1987
Abstract: During the Fifth Five Year Plan a new strategy for the accelerated development of Tribal areas was evolved with three tier development structure at Micro, Meso and Macro levels, and at Macro level sub-plan was formulated for areas of tribal concentration in our State. In order to make district officers of all developmental departments familiar with the new strategy for Tribal Development, it is proposed to organize short orientation course for a period of two days at District Head Quarters. The main syllabus of the course is Introduction, protective measures, policy and approaches to tribal development from V plan, Seventh Plan approach strategy, Special programmes, Tribal Development Administration and Financial Integration. In the inauguration presentation given by MVPC Sastry, IAS, District Collector. The total 10 contents were discussed in this course. The first content is tribes of India with Special reference to Andhra Pradesh given by K Mohan Rao. He talks about the tribal population, their geographical distribution and socioeconomic status among the tribes of Andhra Pradesh. The second content Koyas of Andhra Pradesh given by K Mohan Rao. He mentioned that the Koyas are one of the numerically predominant tribal groups mostly inhabiting the hilly areas of Polavaram of East Godavari district. he explained Koyas economic activity, life cycle events, social structure and social control. The Konda Reddy content paper presented by M V Kirhsna Rao and he discussed settlement pattern, skin colour, dress pattern, belief system and livelihood pattern among the Konda Reddi. The Valmiki content presented by K Mohan Rao and he mentioned that these people were called by different names in different regions in the past. Valmikis claim descent from the famous rishi Valmiki, who wrote Ramayana. He also mentioned the social organization, marriage patterns, divorce, festivals and ceremonies, distinction between Boyas and Valmikis, Adi Andhras and Valmikis and ceremonial friendship. The socio-cultural factors in development of tribal areas paper presented by K Mohan Rao. The author thinks that the schemes aimed at development of tribal areas have to be planned taking advantage of traditional values, habits and practices to capitalize spontaneous and willing cooperation of tradition bound tribal people. Tribal development in Andhra Pradesh paper presented by M V Krishna Rao. The author deliberated that the Andhra Pradesh has been in the forefront in translating into action new concepts and strategies of development for the benefit of scheduled tribes. Protective laws in the scheduled Areas of Andhra Pradesh presented by D R Raju. The New arrangement for integration of administrative and financial resources content deliberated by K A S Hussain. Programme integration and discussion on the Action Plan theme discussed by K A S Hussain and final review of tribal Sub Plan during V and VI plan periods topic presented Dr V N V K Sastry.
Pagination: 185
Tribal Research Institutes: Tribal Research Institute, Andhra Pradesh
Record ID: APTM/1987/0144/report
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