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Record ID: APTM/1973/0124
Document Type: Report
Researcher: TCR&TI Andhra Pradesh
Editor/Author: TCR&TI Andhra Pradesh
Guide: TCR&TI Andhra Pradesh
Keywords: Tribal Development
Research Training
Tribal Welfare Programme
Sector: Monitoring & Evaluation
University: Department of Tribal Welfare Government of Andhra Pradesh
Completed Date: Oct-1974
Abstract: The fifth administration Report of TCR&TI focused on the aspects of research, training, repositories, guidance, administration and future programme of research and training for tribal development. The objective of the Institute is to conduct empirical studies on various facets of life and culture of tribes of Andhra Pradesh and to survey the socio-economic problems and felt needs, to evaluate the performance of various tribal development programmes and assess the impact of various programmes on the tribals and suggest various remedial measures to rectify the pit-falls. The Institute has been organizing various research projects on the tribal problems of the State. The period under review 1969-70 had an intense activity under research programmes and significant progress has been registered by the research wing. The studies conducted cover problems relating education, agriculture and leadership. Report also talks about the some of the important problems referred to the Institute during the year 1969-70. The various types of training programmes conducted by this Institute are also mentioned in this report. The information cell of this Institute is intended to educate the public regarding the life and culture of tribal people with it constitutes also discussed in this report. The report also encompasses on guidance, guidance is given by the Institute to University students, Research Scholars, Foreigners as well as Indian, Administrators and Tourists who visit the Institute for drawing upon the resources of the Institute. The guidance is provided on tribal life, culture, languages and economy, socio-economic problems of tribes of Andhra Pradesh and Tribal Welfare Programmes literature and selection of areas of research and filed work. Applied Research and Evaluation studies are assuming increasing important of the make of changing horizons of the tribal areas consequent upon the introduction of various development programmes in the tribal areas of Andhra Pradesh. The Research findings of the Institute have been fruitfully utilized by Department of Tribal Welfare and other Department to remove the administrative bottlenecks and to surmount socio-cultural barriers and to gear up the administration of various programmes for Socio-Economic development of tribals of Andhra Pradesh.
Pagination: 105
Tribal Research Institutes: Tribal Research Institute, Andhra Pradesh
Record ID: APTM/1973/0124
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