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Record ID: APTM/1988/0123
Document Type: Research
Researcher: K Mohanrao
Editor/Author: TCR&TI Andhra Pradesh
Guide: MV Krishnarao
S Mohan
Keywords: Wild Life Sanctuaries
Andhra Pradesh
Article 51
Article 48
Papi Konda Wild Life Sanctuary
Sector: Monitoring & Evaluation
University: Department of Tribal Welfare Government of Andhra Pradesh
Completed Date: Oct-1988
Abstract: The founding fathers of our Constitution realized the need for the protection of Forests and Wild Life. Article 48 states that THE STATE SHALL ENDEAVOUR TO PROTECT AND IMPROVE THE ENVIRONMENT AND TO SAFEGUARD THE FORESTS AND WILD LIFE OF THE COUNTRY and the Article 51-A inter-alia states that IT SHALL BE THE DUTY OF EVERY CITIZEN OF INDIA TO PROTECT AND IMPROVE THE NATURAL ENVIRONMENT INCLUDING FORESTS, LAKES, RIVERS AND WILD LIFE AND TO HAVE COMPASSION FOR LIVING CREATURES. Government of India also appointed a committee for recommending Legislative Measures and administrative machinery for ensuring environment protection. The basic aim of the wild life sanctuaries is organized to preserve and promote the growth of endangered species. The main object of this programme is to protect the vanishing and endangered species of wild life and plant species by strict enforcement of the Wild Life Act and Constitution of sanctuaries and Biosphere reserves to preserve them. Andhra Pradesh was the last refuge of the new extinct INDIAN CHEETAH other endangered species now occurring in the State are tiger, leopard black, buck, the great Indian bustard and crocodile. The State is implementing a scheme to rehabilitate the mugger and estuaries crocodile also. The captive breeding of endangered species like black buck, Chinkara and sea mammals is also under implementation by the State Government. There are 14 notified wild life sanctuaries including three bird and three crocodile sanctuaries in our State. The total area covered by these 14 sanctuaries is about 9164 sq.kms. of which about 7797kms. fall in reserved forest forming about 12% of the total forest area, and about 3.3% of the total land area of the State. There are 7 sanctuaries i.e Nagarjuna Sagari-Srisailan Sanctuary, Eturunagaram Sanctuary, Prakhal Wild Life Sanctuary, Kinnersani Wild Life Sanctuary, Qawal Wild Life Sanctuary, Pranahita Wild Life Sanctuary and Papi Konda Wild Life Sanctuary fall in tribal areas adversely effecting tribal life and development. The profiles of the sanctuaries located in the tribal areas with consequences expected to affect tribal life, culture and livelihood. The major tribal groups inhabiting these sanctuaries are Chenchus, Koyas, Konda Reddy, Gonds etc., The sanctuaries include cultivated area of both wet and dry types indicating the danger posed to main source of livelihood to the people inhabiting the area. The report also mentioned the details of various facets of rehabilitation and the cost worked out both for shifting families from buffer zone and core area for the seven sanctuaries located I tribal areas.
Pagination: 107
Tribal Research Institutes: Tribal Research Institute, Andhra Pradesh
Record ID: APTM/1988/0123
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