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Record ID: APTM_1994_0111_research
Document Type: Research
Researcher: TCR&TI Andhra Pradesh
Editor/Author: TCR&TI Andhra Pradesh
Guide: TCR&TI Andhra Pradesh
Keywords: Tribal Profile
Protective Laws
Integrated Tribal Development
Sector: Monitoring & Evaluation
University: Department of Tribal Welfare Government of Andhra Pradesh
Completed Date: Oct-1994
Abstract: A two-day appraisal course for district officers focusing on the theme new approaches for tribal development has been conducted by the Tribal Cultural Research and Training Institute, Andhra Pradesh. The syllabus for appraisal course on Tribal Development to District Officers is introduction of the tribes with special reference to AP, protective measures, policy and approaches to tribal development from V Plan, Seventh Plan Approach and Strategy, Special Programmes, Tribal Development Administration and Financial Integration. The course is to get a hold on the present scientific points of tribal life and culture. Considering these objectives, six contents were organized with focal themes: Tribal Profile of Andhra Pradesh, Tribes of Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh, Socio-Cultural Factors in Development of Tribal Areas, Protective Laws in the Scheduled Areas of A.P and New Arrangement for Integrated Tribal Development in Andhra Pradesh. The first content Tribal Profile of Andhra Pradesh Presented by Dr. K Mohan. Dr. K Mohan Rao gave complete knowledge about the concept of the Schedule Tribes, Geo-ethnic characteristics, population, economic levels and social structure of the tribal in Andhra Pradesh. The second content is Tribes of Visakhapatnam presented by M V Krishna Rao. He gave that the tribal belt in Visakhapatnam district has many unique features of its own. This content discussed about the various tribes and their traditional occupation, language, ceremonies and festivals of the tribes in Visakhapatnam district and another important aspect are multitribal villages and Nestham ceremony also discussed in this content. The third content Tribal Development in Andhra Pradesh presented by M V Krishna Rao. Tribals are the weakest of the weaker sections of our society. Their development offers may a challenging problem to the planner, administrators and programe executive for the various reasons he mentioned in the content. The fourth content is socio-cultural factors in development of tribal areas by Dr. K Mohan Rao. The socio-cultural matrix of tribal communities in our country which is at different levels of development exhibits distinct customs and traditions. He mentioned that among the tribal communities, traditional values and social ethos play significant role in day to day life. The functional significance of socio-cultural factors cannot be ignored in formulating schemes for the all-round development. The fifth content delineates the protective law in the Scheduled Area of Andhra Pradesh presented by Sri. D Ramachandra Raju and final content talks about the new arrangement for Integrated Tribal Development in Andhra Pradesh by Sri K A S Hussain and Sri P Ramakrishna.
Pagination: 135
Tribal Research Institutes: Tribal Research Institute, Andhra Pradesh
Record ID: APTM_1994_0111_research
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