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Record ID: SCST/1963/0235
Document Type: Journal
Title: Adivasi - v5_No.1
Editor/Author: GN Das
KM Mohapatra
JK Rout
Keywords: Adivasi
Sector: Tribal Life
University: Scheduled Castes & Scheduled Tribes Research and Training Institute (SCSTRTI), Bhubaneswar, 751003
Completed Date: Aug-1963
Abstract: With this revival issue, "Adibasi" enters its eighth year of publication. During all these years Adibasi endeavoured to combine the twin efforts of Research and Welfare into an integrated pattern. The task has been by no means an easy one. Our problems are much more difficult than those encountered in the specialised fields of academic research or action programme. At one end we are to be in tune with the latest activities of the Universities and other centres of research in Social Sciences and humanities and at the other we have to take cognizance of the reaction to the efforts made for the welfare of the tribal people. The immensity of the undertaking had been partly responsible for the chequered career of "Adibasi" When Adibasi started its publication both the study of social problems and effo!ts at their solution in our country, were in a nascent state. This further augmented the difficulties, making it impossible to bring out the journal regularly. Adivasi revives its publication in a completely changed atmosphere. The colossal developmental projects of the Five Year Plans have generated forces of change and progress unprecedented in Indian history. These forces have penetrated deep into the remotest corners of the country and have radically molded the social and individual existence of all sections of the society. The study of social problems has asserted itself and occupied an honourable place in the hierarchy of sciences. In such an atmosphere "Adibasi" ventures to be sanguine about its future prospects. With its revival "Adibasi" takes, cognizance of the situation created by the Chinese agression. This has stirred the entire country as a whole and has plunged the nation into a whirlpool of determined action, reminiscent of the hectic days of nationalist movement. The welfare of the tribals and other underdeveloped sections of the society has assumed an added importance in this situation of emergency. The development of the underdeveloped people is no longer a problem confined to them alone. It has become one of the vital factors for National Intergration. It is no longer a sphere where the time factor does not operate, rather, it deserves to be dealt on a war footing. Adibasi ventures upon its arduous course banking upon the co-operation of workers in the fields of action and research. Its success as the forum of Research and Welfare will depend on their joint endeavour and enterprise.
Pagination: 73
Tribal Research Institutes: SC/ST Research & Training Institute, Odisha
Record ID: SCST/1963/0235
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