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Record ID: IIPA/2018/0029
Document Type: Dissertation
Title: Parenting style and values among school going adolescents
Researcher: Anirban Kisku
Guide: Lalit Lalitav Mohakud
Keywords: Value
Parenting style
Sector: Art & Culture
University: Jadavpur University
Completed Date: Aug-2018
Abstract: Parenting style and values among school-going adolescents have been considered as a vital factor for the improvement of the life value in education. The objectives of this study were to identify different parenting style and values among school-going adolescents; to compare Grand Parenting Styles, Total Fathering Styles, Total Mothering Styles among school-going adolescents concerning their gender, caste, religion, habitat, family types, siblings, monthly family income, level of education, number of families and to find out the relationship between parenting style and values. Cross-sectional survey design and correlation design were used for the conduction of this study. The purposive sampling technique used to collect data from 124 students of Class-VIII to XI in Hooghly district of West Bengal. In this study, two tools were used for collecting data. For analysis of data statistics like the independent test, One way ANOVA and Pearson Correlation Coefficient were used. The result showed that: all categories of students concerning various demographic variables like Gender, Age, Educational Qualification, Habitat, Family Nature, Number of Sibling and Family Monthly Income, Number of family members and Religion perceived (good parenting styles) accepting parenting styles except caste wise students from OBC and SC category; parenting styles of realism in styles; Irrespective of Gender, Caste, Age, Educational qualification, Habitat, Family Nature, Number of Sibling and Family Monthly Income, Number of family members and Religion, all school-going adolescents perceived (low parenting styles) careless parenting styles; neglect parenting styles; lenient standard; parenting styles of freedom in styles except students of ST category who perceived disciplined parenting style. Further, it is also revealed that students of all categories perceived parenting styles of faulty role expectation and marital conflict in styles, the result revealed that Gender, age, habitat, Number of Sibling and Family Monthly Income have no significant impact on total mothering of school-going adolescents but caste, educational qualification, family type, number of family members and religion have. Gender, Age, Caste, educational qualification, Habitat, Family Nature, Number of Siblings and Family Monthly Income and religion have no significant impact on total fathering of school-going adolescents but it impacted by several family members, Total Parenting Styles of school-going adolescents does not differ significantly due to variation in Gender, Age, Educational qualification, Habitat, and Family Monthly Income and Religion but it differs due to variation in caste, family nature or type, number of siblings and number of family members.
Pagination: 144
Tribal Research Institutes: National TRI
Record ID: IIPA/2018/0029
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