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Record ID: IIPA/2019/0078
Document Type: Report
Title: National Seminar on Impact of violence in Red Corridor on Tribal Development & Traditions
Editor/Author: Nupur Tiwary
Keywords: Tribal Development
Tribal Traditions
Democratic revolution
Sector: Ethnographic studies
University: IIPA
Completed Date: Mar-2019
Abstract: Indian Institute of Public Administration organised discussion ATROCITIES IN RED CORRIDOR AND LEFT WING EXTREMISM. There were two panels for the discussion. The first panel discussed the Impact on Tribal Development and Tribal Traditions and the second panel argued on Tribal Development and Tribal Traditions and also Cultural Expressions. Panellists raised their concerns on the displacement of population and land alienation. They also traced the issues of tribals, the issues of the ecosystem, forests rights, mineral, Government machinery. They asserted that the Red Corridor which is created because of a stalemate between two sets of people who cannot find a way to dialogue. Red Corridor is a zone of protest, waking up, and it has been brutalized. Today, culturally speaking, there are many possibilities for people in the Red Corridor. Like migration, the other is, becoming part of one of the two options or choices, Salwa Judum or a variety of formations with Lal Jhanda (red flag). The third option is to give up and leave it to Mahakal (the dynamics of time), but this all together creates a situation of decay, not a situation of evolution. It looks that the cultural meaning of the role of State in the Red Corridor is more and more demonizing, mutilating. And there are different implications for political economy. Politically speaking, the cultural question is now a reflection of a failed democracy.
Pagination: 66
Tribal Research Institutes: National TRI
Record ID: IIPA/2019/0078
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