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Record ID: AIRT/2017/0003
Document Type: Research
Title: The Mising Tribe of Assam A Monograph
Researcher: Pranita Medhi
Debobrata Laskar
Guide: G C Kakati
Keywords: Monograph
Sector: Monographs
University: Assam Institute of Research for Tribals and Scheduled Castes
Completed Date: Feb-2017
Abstract: The present study is an attempt to unearth the socio economic status along with the creativity and expertise that get expressed through the traditional weaves and costumes of the Mising Tribe of Assam, and to write a Monograph on this. As fascinating as the title seems to be The Mising Tribe of Assam A Monograph, the work comprises of a classic description of the rich weaving culture of the Mising tribe. Weaving is an exclusive preserve of specially the Mising womenfolk, and the exquisite handloom products with artistry at its best are a perfect manifestation to it. India as a whole has had been revered for its popular handloom industry since ages, so much so that over the years handloom has become an integral part of the rich culture heritage of the country. Indian handloom products are of varied types on the basis of different styles, patterns or motifs, fabric and yarns used. With every unique combination of weaves, motifs, patterns and colours, the historical experiences of the people who make and use it can be understood. Handloom is done in all most all parts of India and each variety is known for its distinctive and unique character. Indications of similar manner can be found among the Misings of Assam too, who happens to be the second largest tribe in terms of its population among the numerous tribal groups of the state of Assam. Being an agricultural community, the Misings have an inherent quality of adaptation with natural calamities. They are known as riverine tribe people because of their common habitat near river banks. Mising women are expert weavers whose credibility in art of weaving is incomparable.
Pagination: 165
Tribal Research Institutes: Assam Institute of Research for Tribals and Scheduled Castes
Record ID: AIRT/2017/0003
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