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Record ID: AIRT/2014/0004
Document Type: Book
Title: Kamatapur Movement of the Koch Rajbongshi People A Study of the Identity Crisis of the Koch Rajbongshi People
Researcher: Arup Jyoti Das
Guide: B K Barman
Keywords: Kamatapur
Koch Rajbongshi
West Bengal
Sector: Livelihoods (Farm/ Non Farm)
University: Assam Institute of Research for Tribals and Scheduled Castes
Completed Date: Feb-2014
Abstract: Assam is the homeland to different ethnic groups with a variety of cultures, and speaking different languages and dialects. Although it is a melting pot of diverse languages, races, cultures, ethnicities etc., it is not devoid of inter ethnic conflicts and struggle for identity among different ethnic groups. The Koch Rajbongshi community has been an important part of the larger Assamese society, although since the last three decades they have engaged in asserting their separate identity as Koch Rajbongshis of Assam. Identity is core to human society both at individual and societal level. Therefore, identity crisis of a community or an individual would mean would that the very basic foundation is at question. The Koch Rajbongshis are one of the oldest ethnic communities of Assam and its adjoining areas like northern part of West Begal, Bihar, and Meghalaya. Some of them also live in Nepal and Bangladesh. However, their socio political and cultural situation is not uniform and differs from state to state and country to country. In Assam they have been demanding for ST Plains status for long. Along with this they have also been demanding for a separate state of Kamatapur for the Koch Rajbongshis since the last two decades. In fact the demand for Kamatapur which originated in the northern West Bengal is a shared demand of the Koch Rajbongshis of both Assam and northern West Bengal. These two aspirations are looked as effervescence to their identity crisis. This study therefore aims at understanding the various aspects of the Koch Rajbongshi identity crisis in the context of Kamatapur movement. The study focuses on understanding the historical background of the community, its socio political, religious life, and the emergence of identity of the Koch Rajbongshis.
Pagination: 78
Tribal Research Institutes: Assam Institute of Research for Tribals and Scheduled Castes
Record ID: AIRT/2014/0004
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