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Record ID: APTM/1993/00154
Document Type: Report
Title: Women Participation - A Rapid Appraisal
Researcher: TATA Consultancy Services
TCR&TI Andhra Pradesh
Editor/Author: Tribal Cultural Research & Training Institute Andhra Pradesh
Guide: TCR&TI Andhra Pradesh
Keywords: Women Participation
Food Production
Strategic Changes
Rapid Appraisal
Need Assesment
Purpose Driven Approach
Better Management of Money
Sector: Women Empowerment
University: Department of Tribal Welfare, Government of Andhra Pradesh
Completed Date: Jul-1993
Abstract: Several billions of dollars have been spent for poverty alleviation programmes worldwide, with the rural men as the prime focus of development programmes. Research suggests that this has resulted in inefficient utilization of resources and has led to no appreciable improvement in rural poverty alleviation. Only in the recent past, after understanding the role played by women in the rural household economic as well as community development activities, emphasis is made on involving women in all development activities. APTDP, which has always focused its attention on tribal women, is beginning to yield results now. This Rapid Appraisal, at the end of two years of its commencement, has identified a number of areas where further improvement is desirable to make the results sustainable and permanent. Areas for Improvement (a) Need Assessment (b) Purpose Driven Approach (c ) Better Management of Money (d) Innovation in Operations (e ) Capacity Development. Directions for Future - Policy vision for APTDP identifies the route through which the ultimate mission of ensuring all round development of tribal communities without eroding their traditional culture and values can be accomplished. On this route, the activities leading to increased awareness on desired ends and means constitute the necessary first step towards achieving greater participation, which is a key strategy for the projects. Planners and implementers of the Project have to recognize this aspect as critical. Only when womens participation is derived from a sound footing of development awareness, programme activities would generate sustainable results. It has been found that in Seethampeta, Paderu and Parvathipuram ITDAs the women groups have actively participated in carrying out even technical activities under the programme. The cause and the mechanism of such active participation must be identified. This should provide insight and direction for planners and implementers. Awareness of the need to protect the environment by reducing felling of trees is prevalent among women. These women therefore feel the need for tiled, well ventilated houses in the place of thatched houses. Encouraging this kind of awareness by well formulated programmes and activities is desirable. To increase house-hold income and food production by tribals is almost a mini-mission for the Project. On this hinges the achievement of overall project objectives. Fig 3.1 is like a blue-print of action for programme implementers. This can be used from time to time to take stock of the status of the project and effect strategic changes to fulfill the ultimate mission.
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Tribal Research Institutes: Tribal Research Institute, Andhra Pradesh
Record ID: APTM/1993/00154
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