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Record ID: SCST/2010/0007
Document Type: Hand Book
Title: Lodha
Editor/Author: AB Ota
AC Sahoo
Keywords: Lodha
Ex-Criminal Tribe
Sector: Ethnographic studies
University: Scheduled Castes & Scheduled Tribes Research and Training Institute (SCSTRTI), Bhubaneswar, 751003
Completed Date: Jul-2010
Abstract: This photo handbook on the Lodha tribe is based on anthropological study highlighting their life style, and culture. The Lodha were formerly designated as criminal tribes and persecuted and looked down upon with suspicion and aversion by their neighbours. Criminality is not hereditary, and the criminal propensity of the Lodha is more due to the integration of their social moorings under economic and territorial displacement due to unavoidable reasons. In the present century, we find a new outlook has developed in the mindset of this community. They are today identified as a Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Group (PVTG) of Odisha. Of course they have undergone profound changes in the pattern of their livelihood and culture. However, government is trying its best and finding adequate means for fitting them into the general social fabric so that they could develop a progressive life. Special plans are being formulated and implemented for their uplift. Such efforts have resulted into development of new inter-ethnic relationship which could help the process of integration with neighbouring groups.The Lodha depend on agriculture for their sustenance. However, their traditional occupation is collection of forest produce, such as cocoons, lac, resin, honey, wax, etc. Even today they depend on food gathering and are in great demand for agricultural labour by the local land holders. There is also a shift towards other occupations like leaf plate making, Sabai grass rope making and bamboo craft. Moreover, hunting and fishing are two other important economic pursuits of the Lodha people.The Lodha are basically an endogamous community and they have frequent interaction with other tribal communities and Hindu castes who live adjoining their habitat. Some of the elderly Lodha people are the treasure house of traditional folk tales and oral literature.Clan organization is an important feature of the Lodha community. Their magico-religious life is associated with gods, goddess, deities, benevolent and malevolent spirits as well as ceremonies and festivals. They struggle hard to survive amidst frustration and lack of self-reliance.SCSTRTI has endeavored a photographic documentation of this PVTG. Hopefully, learned readers will get benefit from this work
Pagination: 32
Tribal Research Institutes: SC/ST Research & Training Institute, Odisha
Record ID: SCST/2010/0007
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